Monday, April 8, 2013

Daffodils telling me i am late

The telling of how the spring season is progressing (beyond the calendar),
we merely need to look in the front or back yard as to what bulbs are blooming, which perennials are popping up, how long the hops are and if the trees are blooming.

this time of the year is all about the gardens and the beginning of the growing season as a whole. questions are raised: how big will the harvest be, how well will i prove my growing ability, and how well will i maintain my growing spaces throughout the year.

crocus are the first to spring as the daffodils are second
first day with the cold (sickness cold) completely gone and i didn't have to work. 
i knew there was plenty of activity going on in the yards, but i didn't realize just how fast spring had already established itself.
foolish of me for looking at the wall calendar.

today, the main objective was to start the clean up in the back gardening beds. i diverged a bit for a few ignore-no-mores:  i immediately had to trim up a mulberry (a weed tree, but we keep it far from the house and well trimmed. personally enjoy the fruit and makes an incredible mulberry hard cider), had to plant something so put in a bed of sunflowers, and started a grill clean.

while tending the beds i really noticed how some of the tulips where, over a foot high and buds forming, the irises were 6 inches to a foot, lillies 8 inches and higher, columbine 1-4 inches and even the cascade hops where sprouting up.

these observations told that i should of planted the cold hardy vegetable greens two weeks ago.
it is as if i must immediately jump into vegetable gardening before any other greenery work.

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