Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Length of shower - rampant

A one beer shower only because i had to restart the washing machine.

a lighter bodied 8.5% beer that tastes good.
if there are any comments about the flavor profile is the unfamiliarity i have with two of the hops.
this has created a uniqueness that i hard to describe.

 i don't believe i have ever experienced mosaic hops, and i have a limited knowledge of the calypso,  combined together and i get a slightly different double ipa experience.
the malts bring me back to a familiarity to the style.

the beer is dry hopped with:
mosaic = 13%  a very new variety hops that is just becoming available to the home brewer
(but not widespreadly available).
calypso = 10-12% fruity (apple and pear)
centennial = 9-11%

all big big AA% hops with unique profiles, an entertaining beer.

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