Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our quilt is essential

The quilt as an essential.
the bed alone is probably one of the most important locations in our life.
anything that fosters both the family and the security of our most vulnerable times, sleeping, deserves to be respected.

what better way to dress it then to shroud with a quilt made by or passed on to family.

i was about to fall asleep and had a flash of how great this family made cover on our bed is.
been on our bed for over 13 years. this quilt is as important to the bed as the roof over the house.
something wasn't right.
focused a bit more and noticed how pristine the ribbing was.
and then it hit, the quilt was backwards.

and then i had the notion (probably just in my head) that the weight didn't feel completely right either.

everything was now jacked up, i have become so use to this cover being a certain way that once the conscious mind met up with the subconscious understanding that something was amiss then that was it.

the evidence of this quilt reasserts these feelings:

13 years of rubbing against my beard has worn away the edges on just my side of the bed.

also i just may roll around more so maybe the fabric is a bit thinner on my side and maybe that has lightened it up that one ounce or two to give me the weight difference.

i immediately turned the quilt around and all was proper once again.

thank you Vicki for making this quilt!!

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