Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dreaded silver maple

Before the leaves bud needed to do some massive trimming on my least favorite city trees,
the silver maple.

the limb moving horizontal about 25 from the main riser was today's troubled one.
we removed about 800 pounds of new growth from the very end of it and shortened it up about 5 foot.
more will be remove later. constant worry of a strong wind cracking this stick.

the main problem was that this piece of xx was about 25 foot in the air and leaning over into the neighbors yard. another 8 foot still looms over their yard.

a bit closer and one can see how the silver maple's reputation as a crap tree lives.
the limbs hollow out, the trunks hollow out.

because of the height we used the "rope chainsaw".
there is a learning curve on these (only because of the binding that can happen), but does allow one to safely tackle these high jobs.

a drink is needed to help the kink in the neck from constantly looking up.

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