Saturday, April 27, 2013

Time speed then Muscari

When work burdens, time at home speeds up.

how unfortunate it is when we bring the troubles of work into our homes. no one wants to do that, but damn if it doesn't creep in every now and then. time and energy wasted on thoughts that don't belong
in this space.

walking in this morning,  i "re-realized" that the muscari/grape hyacinths that line our front walkway were blooming (for a week now). i asked myself where in the hell had the time gone, from that first time i enjoyed the blooms and today when i saw them again. for what ever reason, that visually stimulated moment allowed me to evict those work concerns of the past few days and reclaim my home.

the grape hyacinths/muscari are another stage in the progression of spring.

green is becoming more dominant and even more time is spent outdoors.

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