Saturday, April 27, 2013

70 year old knife restore

One of the boys' grandfather had a knife from his father that desperately needed some work.

the knife predates the 1940's and was very misshapen from the years of sharpening and field work.
i had specific instructions to get the blade back up to snuff.

i re-profiled the blade, re-established the angle of the cutting edge, sharpened and gave it an almost near mirror polish.
family knife restore
i purposely did nothing, outside of cleaning and buffing, to the handle. 
if the knife is to show its history and the blade had to have such an overhaul i felt it absolutely necessary not to take the history of the handle away.

 at one time the blade had been attacked by an electric grinder of sorts and that did the most damage.
by the way it sharpened i am pretty confident that the temper was not lost and shall remain an excellent working knife for another 70 years.

my thumb is still sore from all of the hand sanding on this gem.

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