Monday, March 18, 2013

Mac's first pen case

The oldest will have his 11th birthday this week and i have been working on his first pen case. he has a real passion for writing and drawing.
his drawing desk is already stock, so i kept to simple in a easy to carry mobile way.

being 11 i doubt it will be his edc but i am sure that he will make it his field and his trip carry.

spent the last month looking online and through the home for what would be best to start him off with. been balancing what he already prefers and something new i would like him to use.

in the acquisition of the clutch pencils from some ebay auctions had a fair amount of lead attached to them to the sales.
with patience i was able to get great deals on every single one of them and now enough lead to give him the needed variety for some time.

a good mix of leads and lead carriers. he will have some options for choosing

the hardest item to find was the perfect cigar case. that was the last item to get. didn't make it to the house until last week.

the ebony pencil will be a new tool for him. this has been a standard in my designs and will be looking forward to see if he takes to it. he had been using a 3b for making solid planes and bolding lines.

Mac's first pen case

a few items not easily identifiable: the click pen eraser, and the green extra fine tip pen (this is for the base lines when writing and the foundation lines for designs.
the crimson pencil is my influence on the importance of applying a real color differentiator for some parts in linear design.

i had a damn good time going through the process of picking these tools out and look forward as to how this first setup will change and evolve over time.

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