Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Chronodex week 25 and my perfect writing desk

Not fancy, but damn if i don't enjoy working at my desk.

we all have a set of criteria to make up our "perfect desk". for myself, i need the piece of furniture that blends the compartmentalization of a toolbox and yet have enough flat surface for room to write. 
with 9 nooks and 3 drawers, i have plenty of places to position my most used tools and because the writing surface pulls out i can maximize its space.

and all of this for $0.
the desk originally belonged to one of my landlords that i rented from during college. it was his deceased fathers and had bad water damage. he knew i could restore furniture and said i could have it as long as i never sold it. some 18 years later i have stayed true to my word.

day 1 of the work week chronodex 6.23.2014

chronodex 6.25.2014

chronodex 6.26.2014

 dancing flame person chronodex 6.29.2014

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