Friday, July 11, 2014

Hanging a horseshoe on a wall mounted housing plaque

When we elevate everyday objects to the wall, we (should) do it to make a statement or to maximize some sort of appreciation for it.

i was given a friend's mangled horseshoe to prepare for presentation above his business's front door.
i new we needed the branches up to keep the luck from pouring out
and then i thought we should give it a sort of roof to protect that luck that would continue to fill into it.

my personal thought is that by adding some visual depth and complexity to the presentation our appreciation for it is increased because it initiates more thought. the more thought means more investment into the object and message. of course there is always too much of a good thing,  so i try to watch out for that point when the object of focus is lost because there is too much fancy around it.  balancing the two is important. 

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