Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fiskars X27

I am a firm believer in vintage strikers that have proven themselves through history. also being able to hang your own helves gives the user a custom fit that one cant get with a synthetic option.

with that said, i do have one non-traditional splitter that really does do a damn good job.
The fiskars X27 with integrated handle is a unique experience.
although the handle is neither hickory nor ash it still has a decent feel. the handles diameter is not too wide and the hook at the end is very welcomed after swinging for a longer period of time. i was also pleased in the limited shock transfer from target strike to grip. 

the weight is 6# and good for those of us not built like paul bunyan. the efficiency lies in a full 36" handle and good head geometry.  the cheeks are well suited to splitting halved logs, but getting the round halved seems to take a few more strikes than a heavier wider splitting maul.
there always has to be a take somewhere.

was cruising through splitting logs until i came into some sponge centered silver maple.
even the best splitters will get bogged down in this.
crap silver maple with a rotting center is more like a sponge than a log.
can see the moisture pooling at the strike. 

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