Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Chronodex week 26 with a fireworks theme and two ridiculous fireworks

For Independence Day we have our daytime fireworks that the boys light off all day long 
then there are the bigger works that dad gets to light.
among the fireworks that the boy had were these two absolutely ridiculous ones: 
poo dog and chicken egg.

the cackling youth at the end of the chicken egg works was the youngest.

A fireworks themed week for the chronodex leading up to Friday's Independence Day.
for two days i had just a bit of extra time to make a VERY short video on the chronodex. adding a motion picture element to the final product is quite rewarding.

ground flower chronodex

smoke bomb chronodex

strobe light chronodex

chonodex 6 no 7.6.2014

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