Saturday, July 19, 2014

Chronodex week 27 cut and folding chronodex

Keeping a dedicated obsession fresh means continually changing up the themes.
introducing the new themes enhances the creative process
inflates our visual coffers.

the chronodex is an fairly quick build that offers a "moment" to realistically set my free time blocks in relationship to my work (or other) obligations. on the more demanding weeks, i do not always have a chance to make a chronodex. these days are usually a creative wash anyway so no need to put it on paper.

the week started out with a design that needed something more, a new element. i have greater appreciation when the chronodex has a more three dimensional feel. so i have ventured into cutting and folding. unfortunately i did not have time that morn (5a start) to develop it, but i was able to start the theme on thursday.

chronodex 7.9.2014

starting the folding and cutting. simple and still fits my chronodex making time frame.
cut and fold chronodex 7.10.2014
 the 3d element has been rewarding visually and physically. the field notes is beginning to turn into a mini pop up book.
fanning chronodex 7.11.2014

3 ring chronodex 7.13.2014

this bank of themes can be accessed as a one time deposit or constantly invested into.

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