Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Chronodex week 2 2014

A week 2 in visual review:

as the "work" week amped up, i had been able to manage my open time to the greatest effeciency.
a few surprises did arise, but with expectations at bay, i was better able to tackle them.

orange is such a good highlight color. whether on a tool so it doesn't get lost on the workbench or on the paper to highlight caution.
chronodex week 2 2014
 a week highlight (with projects) of making a neck pen holder from scrap leather.
chronodex week 2 2014
the highlight was raised when i found a purpose for the old western style leather belt (late 1970s). reformed into a neck pen holder that i can use everyday. 
chronodex week 2 2014

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