Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chronodex week 3 2014 - a sick week

I have two simple facets:
my social self is focused around the home, with my family and friends
my individual self racinates from making.

If there is ever a time i feel worthless it is when a bad cold of flu sets it. 
it is not the suffering that i care about but the lack of productivity or the ability to tend to the family.  
last weeks rub came from the fact that i have about a half a dozen projects i am working on that i am VERY motivated to finish. 

so now i can say, "to hell with last week" because i am ready to tear it up again.
chronodex 1.14.2014
sick week, time for the day glo orange 

chronodex 1.14.2014
sick week, the mind was racing but the wheels were not turning
the one thing about being sick is that when better the motivation seems so very increased. i am sure that the fact that it is from being idle for so long, but damn if it isn't a rush.

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