Friday, January 24, 2014

Toolbox for leather working supplies

I was in desperate need to reorganize the leather working tools that i use the most.
in particular i wanted to better contain the dyes, oils, cements, ex cetera.

a quick grab set up would be best so i repurposed a toolbox that i made out of shop scraps.
the toolbox went from sandpaper scraps to my most used leather working supplies. it seems that through no conscious planning of mine, some systems (like the toolbox used for sandpaper quarters) just come out of favor. it really wasn't until i was looking around for a way to better store the 
quick grab leather working supplies that i became aware.
maybe i just have too much shit laying around.

before any repurpose switch, i do try to clean it up and make any restorations.
for these toolboxes i cleaned out, then just added a wipe on poly. the toolbox itself is very durable despite how light and thin walled it is. wipe on polys are so low maintenance that i do use them for these sort of items.

toolbox made from shop scraps

the toolbox itself is made from scraps, using the whole buffalo:
base & side walls is a scrap pine board
front & back side walls are slats cut from an old cedar deck plank
the handle is from a broom
the round well is a cheese container (that i of course had to draw on)

toolbox made from shop scraps

this box has only 4 compartments: the three can be seen here but under the cheese container is another small one. the hidden one is where i can put pieces. hiding the little things keeps the over all look tidy.

toolbox made from shop scraps
cleaned and ready to go.

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