Friday, January 3, 2014

Last week reviewed via chronodex

I have been wanting to do some sort of visual review of my week and thought the chronodex would be a fitting avenue. 

i already use this visual planning aid everyday that i work. 
as i have stated before this system is perfect for me me to temper my overloading of daily projects.

chronodex for 12.22.1013

even the act of making the chronodex more ornate is apart of the process for prioritizing the day.

after finishing a day's design, i have often found myself taking a quick image of it with the tools i used. i enjoy not only the end product but the layers of means it took to get to this visual end. 

chronodex for 12.24.2013
if the chronodex is the Capitalized first word, then the tools used become a sort of punctuation at the end of the planning sentence.

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