Saturday, January 11, 2014

Counter pull wall shelf for fieldnotes - a need to organize

A few weeks ago i needed to make something to organize some of my desk fodder. 
my original idea for this counter pull, wall mounted shelving unit came as a response to the number of spent field notes that were piling around the desk. i still need access to each fieldnotes book so burying them in a drawer didn't seem like a good idea.

i have been working with this shelving unit and feel i can definitely expand on its organizing potential.
i am going to make 6 more.

I plan to also use these for some pen storage, nib storage, and other desk essentials that are not on the current rotation.

the roofs are now on and although the bottom support brackets are built they will not be attached until tomorrow.
counter pull, wall mounted field notes shelf

i wanted a steeper roof so i cut the carcass at a 45. this really stressed some linear movement and can make something fastened to a wall a bit more dynamic looking. 
counter pull, wall mounted field notes shelf

i wanted to keep them uniform in height and construction. 
they will vary in the type of boxes that they will be holding. i will mix antique ones that i collect and make some different styles too. 
counter pull, wall mounted field notes shelf
i am hoping to finish this lot before next weekend.
i have already started making some more boxes for these too.

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