Sunday, February 23, 2014

A retired fountain pen cap as a perfect pencil extender

One purpose for a "damaged beyond repair" pen cap is to let it live again as a pencil extender.
finding a final purpose for such an object seems to be both responsible and entertaining.

there are a few prerequisites for this to be a go though:
1. the pen cap must not be to large. smaller caps keep the pencil balanced physically and visually
2. it needs to look good presented in a pocket. 
3. there needs to be a pencil out there that has roughly the same outer diameter to fit the pen caps inner diameter. fortunately there are so many good pencils out there that this is not a problem. 

the pencil can be posted on the head or the tail depending on whether in transport or in use.

 looking good is apart of the game. the final pencil extender really is a smart looking tool. also will give a bit of awe to the pen and non-pen enthusiast.  
pencil extender made from a fountain pen cap

in terms of function:

when done right, the balance is excellent and the fit is very tight. 
one way to balance out the weight is to simply sand off the right amount of cap.

this sheaffer's cap for example had a 1/4" chip out of the bottom. i found a pencil that fit it perfectly 
(i did not need to add any spacers inside at all) and posted it. checked the weight and started the sanding process. every 1/8"-1/4" of sanding i would repost and test the balance.
pencil extender made from a fountain pen cap

for those of us that have pen issues, repurposing and redefining is 
a last act of responsibility to the valued tool.

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