Monday, February 24, 2014

Chronodex week 8 - historical pirate flags

A week of historical pirate flag chronodex.
entertaining myself while organizing the day's potential.
gave me a chance to do some reading on a topic i wouldn't necessarily gravitate to but find pretty damn interesting.

black sam as a perfect start. the frontal scull over crossbones is the most iconic jolly roger.
Black Sam pirate flag chronodex 
 the roberts ranks with the black sam flag, just get to play with a profile scull.
Roberts pirate flag chronodex
 taking liberties with the blackbeard flag. with a penny from my pocket the "pop goes the weasel" ending kept going to through my mind, i added it to the photo.
"a penny on my right eyelid, a penny for the left.
that is where the money went, pop goes the weasel".
Blackbeard pirate flag chronodex
 the wynne flag was perfect for ending:
has the hour glass and was amongst the first true jolly roger flags.
Wynne pirate flag chronodex

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