Sunday, February 2, 2014

Penmanship practice - guide line sheet for Tomoe River paper

One of my goals this year is to improve the consistency of my penmanship 
try a different sort of paper.

i have been use to writing on opaque whites that are pre-lined or gridded. my main appreciation for such white paper is due to the vibrancy of the ink's color and the firmness of the sheet.

it is taking some time but since being introduced to the Tomoe River paper last year, i have been increasingly enjoying its qualities. this paper embodies the phrase "paper thin":  thin to the point of translucency. despite this thinness the paper is very dense and that makes it perfect for the fountain pen. with the right pen and ink (for example a TWSBI 580 with a 1.1mm italic nib and Noodler's Green Ink) the shading of the line is hypnotic.
the one quality of this paper that i am not completely liking is the flexibility of the paper. this is a small tactile disappointment, but one i am willing to work around.

to use this paper for my everyday penmanship practice i first needed to make a simple guideline sheet.
this sheet is to go under the paper and provide some help on keeping the lines straight. not having to worry about drunk lines i can focus on the actual letter making.

on a heaving cotton based paper i made a simple grid.
making a line guide for Tomoe River paper

i used photo corners for a quick paper line up.
i won this box filled with never used B6 nibs for just over $3 (including shipping). 
perfect for some linear knot work on the side. 
making a line quide for Tomoe River paper. Speedball B6 nibs for the flash on the side.
makes my writing faster.

here is the guide with the Tomoe River paper in place. between the photo corners and the paper weight i am able to secure the paper. this security sort of makes up for the paper's lack of firmness. 
The Tomoe River paper in place over the line guide

the lines of the guide are very visible. 
a full view of the Tomoe River paper on the simple line quide

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