Saturday, February 8, 2014

Round 2 of sickness and 106 temperature

What the hell is it with everyone getting sick one week, then one week back to health and then the next week comes another round.

starting monday night the youngest son started coming down with a fever,
then tuesday late afternoon he jumps to 106! 
an immediate trip to the emergency room was in order.
in the end there were no infections or crazy illness, just a super flu bug.

i must say that our Children's hospital was amazing. very friendly and MUCH less stressful than an adult emergency department. there was not the flood of trauma that comes with the "adult" emergency departments. He received excellent attention.

the longer we sat there, about 4 hours, the better we felt about his condition. we were getting test results and x-rays back. this plus fever reducer cut his temp and he was always very bright eyed and clear headed. around this time my mind eased up and then there was one thought that kept passing my mind:
if the phone outlet was a bright yellow, this room counter could of pulled off a real 
2001 Space Odyssey color scheme. i thought about removing some of the yellow medical fixtures behind the hospital bed (and put in the photo), but didn't think that would go over so well. 
they looked pretty fixed to the wall.

hospital phone almost pulling off a 2001 Space Odyssey color scheme.

taking care of the sick ones means that we are certainly doomed
doomed we are: wifey and i are on day day 2 of sick.

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