Friday, February 28, 2014

True temper kelly works flint edge rubbing with a dixon no. 361 graphite stick and then some running images

I was having too much damn fun restoring that Kelly single bit with the "best made axe" graphic.

i frequently take photos of the tools i work on as remembrances and this time i though i would add another facet to such recording:
first, i went on to exercise the Dixon No. 361 graphite stick in a rubbing.
(side note: i have always been a fan of old tombstone rubbings)
the ghostly image on the tomoe river paper seems to relate well to the age and physical appearances of this tool.

after this rubbing i though that maybe i should find a way to include some other pen work into the tool restoration. i quickly made a test sketch and decided to make a short running image of it. this is a bit immature but wanted to show the process of putting together an idea.

after completing this test i had a number of ways to improve.

i am fairly confident that i will be expanding on this tangent.

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