Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The value of the bullet pencil

I really can not say enough about the value of bullet pencils. 
their portability, durability and perfect utility make them one of those essential carries.

to be able to take a note or make a mark anywhere/anytime is absolutely necessary to better enhancing our potential. 

at another layer of importance:  
the unique variety of shapes and historical lineage of the bullet pencil inspires a unique writing experience. an experience that can add a layer of value to the marks made. 

making clean marks with the oxydol bullet pencil

i am definitely NOT a collector but a user of such perfect mark makers. 
(although i can not deny that if it older or has a sentimental value, 
i may only use it in less abusive environments).

i am also not afraid to clean, replace the pencils and erasers or keep in excellent working order.

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