Friday, September 21, 2012

Burning simple fire starters

When using the cotton ball and paraffin wax for making a fire starter there is only one variable to really remember is that the longer one soaks the cotton ball the more paraffin that gets soaked into the cotton ball.
the more paraffin does two things: makes it a bit harder to start and two will make it burn a bit longer. a positive and a negative.

yesterdays fire starters were for home use. so we always use a lighter for this so the more paraffin was good for a longer burn.

paraffined cotton ball ready for burn.

unfold the parchment a bit. if the paraffin is dense it will not be as easy to separate which exposes the cotton fibers (which makes it easier to light). i will just use my knife and deep score an X and then use my fingers to separate a bit.

burning after 10 seconds

the flame would actually go taller than the brick.

the wind variable.
this regular cotton ball fire starter made flame for 10 minutes.

fire starter inside a paint can rocket stove.
a fire starter inside the rocket stove. the flame with out adding any wood will reach the top of the paint can rocket stove.

we keep a rocket stove in the gazebo so we can just sit outside in the morn, throw a percolator on the rocket stove and rreellaaxx.

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