Thursday, September 13, 2012

Today's tool sharpening

Had the unpleasant surprise last week to find some of my japanese chisels (a laminated steel) with rust on them. it had to of happen over this summer. damn ironic that during a drought i have tools rusting.

today i was able to spend the afternoon getting the spots of forming rust off, sharpen and put a layer of protective "johnsons" paste on them. the only step left to do is give the handles a coat of tung oil and then soak the ends of them in the tung oil overnight.

after the picture of the below tool box i realized how many different types of sharpening implements i had: files, burnishers, grits, rust erasers, diamond stones, ceramic stones, natural stones, honing strope, arkansas stones, wet/dry paper, and the list goes on. not as a realization of inventory but that of how many different styles of sharpening i do for the different types of tools. some of these styles i use out of preference but most are out of the inherent need for specific treatments for specific metals or tool types.

there is no doubt that i enjoy maintenance of hand tools. a time to relax, have a beer, condition/repair a tool and reflect on projects done and to be.

one of the two sharpening tool boxes.

some knives also effected by rust spotting. not pleased.

all fo the tools are 100% now. in the past year i have been improving my sharpening skills, too. resharpening them to a better state of potential.

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