Friday, September 7, 2012

Greenwood spoon hatchet

We almost soley use carpenter's hatchets as our camping hatchets.

but when camping and needing a hatchet not all are suited for spoon making. here is a comparison of two hatchets that have completely different potentials.

the plumb below has a lighter head and good for detailing spoon. i have seen some people use bigger hatchets with excellent success but i personally find the lighter one more maneuverable. the steel on the plumb is also superior to the vaughan and the edge i get is much better.

excellent plumb hatchet for spoon making and roughing out a carving

good vaughan hatchet for splitting and harvesting wood

even though we don't use this vaughan any carving it is still a brute for spitting and harvesting wood. we can throw this one around without much care. the blended steel will hold a good edge and keeps that edge well.

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