Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Plain" designs

In the world of being a jack (of all trades) my individual endeavors can get neglected for up "long" periods of time.

filing through some of my remaining notebooks i came across designs that i created as a plainsman's interpretations of european and asian ceramic export wares from the 19th and early 20th century.

now i add the geo-political denominator "plainsman" to refer of the historical fact that we in the center of north america were always very much an import society. and amongst those imports i found a particular interest in those designs found on good china, etched scrolling on guns and watches and the leather work on saddles. specifically the ones with more linear designs, whether ones that flowed around the saddles seat or were isolated in the middle of the plate.

now this was just how it has started. in my notes the different pages would address multiple sources of inspiration. that is just how i take my notes.
i don't claim to be the best communicator. that has always been difficult.

plates on the wall. i remember the good china plates on the wall of the grandparents house. they had a presence of a functional painting

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