Thursday, May 30, 2013

Field notes cover reinforcement

The different field notebooks covers do not hold up same in the back pocket.
(i need to note that my job is active and being in my back pocket is no treat for a notebook)

for example the linen cover of the "county fair" series is very durable
the red blooded straight paper cover fails fast. 
i prefer to leave it natural however once the tears happen on these covers then it will start to tear up the paper innards and then the notebooks potential to hold facts and ideas.
the "county fair" cover held up very well after one tour of duty in my back pocket.
 after two weeks the cover binding was beginning to come apart.
i wanted a way to have a QUICK way to make a bullet proof repair that also had some style to it.

easy answer is double sided carpenters tape. 
the tack on this tape is extreme. 
by having it double sided one can then add any other material on the outside of it for looks.

i roughly cut the tape, remove one side of the protective paper and apply.
the red blooded series cover is failing after 2 week in the back pocket.
needs reinforcing.
next i trim to size and remove the second side.
here we can see how protective this tape is. the synthetic binding material will keep it flexible while preventing future ripping.

i will stress here again, this tape is extremely sticky.
reinforcing field notebook with double sided carpet tape.
this is where anything goes.
this piece of fabric is red and was next to the desk.
in the past i have found that fabric works the best over paper covers when relegated to my back pocket.
reinforcing field notebook cover with double sided carpet tape and a swatch of fabric from an old shirt.
the entire project took 2 minutes
then back to work.

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