Friday, May 17, 2013

Long yard tool handle maintenance: sanding, oiling & handle configuration

No matter how many time i tell the boys to pick up their tools when the they are done, sooner rather than latter i will find a tool misplaced.

to my dismay, i found my austrian cultivator standing upright in the tall decorative grass on the upper lot (today i was cutting back all these tall grasses to make room for new growth) .
 the tool seems to had been there since last fall. 

this well crafted handle was in a weathered state that needed immediate attention.

in under 10 minutes i put 2 grits of sandpaper to the handle and saturated it with oil. 
now the wood is getting hydrated and slivering has been removed.

one often neglected piece of knowledge for a properly hung tool is the grain orientation.
this tool has had its handle orieted very well. the top of the handle should show the grain running parallel to one another down the length of the shaft. the more grain lines the better, simple.

a crap, immature wood handle would have dried and warped.

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