Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Van dyke eberhard faber lead issues and broken momentum

A ridiculous moment at the work bench the other day.

when something so seemingly inconsequential breaks the momentum of a project.

i dropped my dull "van dyke" USA eberhart faber on the cement floor (lead first), fast sharpening so i could keep marking and then when i went to write about 2" of lead just plopped out.

when i looked up close i saw a hairline crack, pulled slightly and it just sort of ripped open.
next if find myself not woodworking but messing around with a broken pencil trying to test my skill at masterfully remove all of the lead without opening the rip anymore. 

the back of the pencil reads:
"hi-density" microtomic graphite.
on yet another facet reads "woodclinched"

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