Monday, May 27, 2013

Thought rocket ship pencil holder

Lately i thought it would be entertaining to come up with a new tangent of my thought rockets. i decided to combine this thought with my want to build a model and to have a unique pencil holder for my desk.

originally i thought that i would make layered wood versions of 1950's scifi movie rocket ships that would hold my writing utensils that were in rotation.
i quickly put together a very rough sketch and then went to working on a model of it. this model is a non-working version strictly to decide if the two dimensional proportions would work in the third.
this would also be a good time to work on some slimmed down versions of aesthetics and construction combinations. this model is just to work out some of the initial ideas and is by no means meant to be a working piece. it may seem like a lot of work, but it really is the only way for me to competently develop my ideas.
very rough sketch of a general rocket ship
i am pleased with the first model. i liked the dimensions and there are many ideas i can now start to elaborate on. this piece is clunky, but was never meant to be refined.

after finishing the first model i have decided to keep some of my original thoughts:

1. to keep the option of making the middle pencil holder free moving from the rocket. 
maybe even set up a wooden gear system that can rotate it.
i have been wanting to make wooden gears and would be good practice.
rocket ship pencil holder first model to test dimensions done.
2. need to keep it free standing with a smaller base. the footprint will be contained to a minimum on the desk.
may also start playing with a wall mount and a ceiling mount option. 
how it is positioned could be relative to the ships shape or its role in the movie or its position in the movie's poster or the needs of the room's space it will be kept. quite a few options are there.
rocket ship pencil holder with a smaller foot print to take up less room on desk.

3. i liked being able to see the inner layers of construction. 
there will be plenty of ways to make it elaborate & interesting. 
rocket ship pencil holder first model. there will be plenty of potential to making the inner layers elaborate.
the nose cone here is paper, but in the working models it will be wood or metal.
i will also repeat the metal that i use in different areas  of the ship. 

4. i am definitely set on keeping it wood but will also work with copper, brass and waxed string.
may even move to a more steampunked look. 

the next question i have is when will i make the second version, one closer to the final product.
will i ever continue on with this project?

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