Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rhodia pencil

I have a very established way i take notes.

i have always mixed visual design blocks with the linear use of words. together i can work out best with what is on my mind. 

I do not plan to change my note taking systems, but i do feel the need to try some new/different versions of the analog writing tools i use.

I will start with wood pencils.
the final step in note taking on a page is the final marks on the designs made with a wooden pencil. the ebony is my standard, but i have a number of new ones i will be trying.

Rhodia pencil during an a long meeting

today was a Rhodia pencil. this was my first triangularly shaped pencil and was damn comfortable to use. i thought it would pinch up my grip too much but the enhanced control made feel more agile.
sitting on the workbench it had less roll then a round or more faceted pencil.

the lead gave me the line variance i need when making my final marks on designs to giving the letters some character. a medium to very faint growth and decay line was exceptionally easy to make.

i liked the color. the wood, eraser ferrule, and eraser all black. the shaft paint hunter orange (it looks a bit redder in this photo). never get lost on a crowded desk or work bench.

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