Thursday, May 16, 2013

Goldfaber 1221 pencil looks fast

Pencil performance is of absolute importance
the finish is one of those qualities that are taken into consideration.

i gave the sv goldfaber #1221a one week run at work, at home and in the shop. I was pleased with this pencil as a consistent smooth marking tool.

what is particularly notable is the nice quality of deep blue finish with gold racing stripes.
can see the gold stripe laid on top of the blue.
i think starting my next pencil review, for the boys, i will establish a test layout that will better separate the different tests i do. i will also include how the pencil works on different workshop materials.
it seems that many people review pencils on different qualities of paper but not necessarily wood or metal (the workshop materials).

the "SV" bonded is faber's break resistant code and did a very good job on cross grain fibrous soft wood. The fine grounding of the graphite creates a consistency that very trackable guide line.

faber-castell's goldfaber 1221 with gold racing stipes.
the design is first laid out with a drafting pencil and then layered with the goldfaber
 as with most of my designs in my back pocket notebook, i establish the foundation with a drafting pencil and then ad layers. below the letters, numbers and all thick lines are made with the goldfaber 1221.

not to be misleading, the U.S. star is from the boys plastic WWII army men set. It fell off of one of their vehicles, probably an airplane.
this goldfaber 1221 is definitely not American and since it does not say Germany then not their either.

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