Monday, May 6, 2013

Root knife

A favorite gardening tool, especially gets a work out in the spring.

root knife clean
one of my two main dandelion pulling tools, but is damn effective for many gardening jobs.

the serrated blade is dangerously effective on underground roots and is hooked just enough to for one minimal effort single swipe cut.

this knife is also stainless steel and can really handle the elements with almost no maintenance. 
in fact, out side of some water to clean the blade the only tending to is the handle
(some tung oil here and there).
root knife dirty


  1. I had one similar that I loved and lost a few days ago, was mistakenly dumped into the trash with garden debris. Do you have a source for purchase? I would love to replace it. Many thanks!

  2. Thank you for your inquiry.
    Lee Valley Tools still carries this exact root hook. As of February 2015 it is going for $10. I think that is a very fair price for this work horse (pending the manufacturer hasn't changed any of its specs). even the wood handle has has aged VERY gracefully. I have ordered from Lee Valley Tools for many years and have always received high quality products.
    I hope this helps, Noble.

  3. Lee Valley Tools - I should have known! Many thanks for the information, and I'll be a happy gardener once again! Best, Barbara.