Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Germantown carpenter's hatchet and the final hone

 germantown carpenter's hatchet just before being shipped off to colorado
concluding the restoration process:

every time i go to pass a restored hatchet or axe to another person i tell them that i will do 
"one more final hone" before shipping or handing off. 

 i could easily of done this "final hone" before, but keeping it until the end allocates me one last session with a tool that i have become quite familiar with. for some reason, my thoughts prosper in the security of this familiar and i do some of my best thinking. i am able to put old thoughts to rest and raise new thoughts to life. and actually there are even times when i am just able to completely relax in the 
motions of the final tuning.

I have just finished the final hone and last polish on a germantown carpenter's hatchet. tomorrow i will be shipping it off to a new home in Colorado.

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