Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bend your bill

Simple pleasures
simply pleasured
pleasured simply

the old hat is not visually in bad shape, 
but even after multiple washings has a slime feel that just isn't right.

the nice thing about camo hats is that unless it is grease they do not show age and soil as solid color hats.

the first task before putting on any hat is to make sure the bill gets bent.
right down the middle. 
this improves side protection and yet the arch opens up visibility when looking forward. 
also makes it easy to put in back pocket.

after the middle bend flare out the very end of the sides (about an inch from the skull).
this will keep the hat bill from hugging too closely to your eyes.

now your proper.

the old hat just had some sweat stains and that rip underneath. sweat made the material weaken and then the bill plastic snapped. after that it was only a matter of time before friction made the rip.

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