Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Deer meat prep for freezing

This year the deer produced:
8 large roasts
84 steaks
20 pounds of scraps (18# for stew & 2# for the dogs).

mike actually cut my deer up for me. the man has great knife skills and produces great cuts. 
he actually had the deer very well washed. i just looked for some random hairs and picked them out. 

for 2/3s of the roasts and steaks i used a vacuum sealer. these do a great job on keeping the meat fresher over longer periods of time. i use this for meat stored over 4 months. 

the other third and all of the stew meat i wrapped in cling wrap (saran wraps big brother, uber-cling). 
i get it pretty snug this way reducing the gaps and then wrap with butcher paper.

deer will be on the menu again:  stews, chillis, indian, roasts, quiches, breakfast steaks!

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