Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dental hellraiser

Number one: thought that i should add these after thoughts from the post about young jack's barbesque tooth.
number two: i thought i was neglecting the label "filling up the empty nail barrel".

when researching some questions i had about teeth (doesn't everyone do this), one of the answers i needed pertained to the different views of the tooth inside the mouth.

these two images do a pretty good job of representing the spectrum of what you find when googling the "medical illustrations of a tooth".

there was the "hell raiser" illustration.
with toolage.

extreme perspective
and there was the dental characterization of yankee doodle.
honestly! i know my wife tells me the importance of brushing my teeth, 
but some fool compares it with revolutionary symbolism. 
that is like putting water in whiskey = diluting the significance by trivializing another.

toothpaste powder is AWESOME.
although it is pretty funny.
especially the molar in the middle.

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