Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Forre's axe 3 treating the top and bottom

Treating the top and bottom of the head.

when the head comes out of the vinegar bath i will let it completely dry.
as soon as it is dry i will do the 80 grit, 120 grit and 120 bristle flap wheel. 
i found that if there is moisture in the air it will effect an unpolished head faster then the rougher (more surface area) head. this is only the rough polishing anyway.
next steps will be buffing with all the grits on a bench wheel.

the new cork added to the vice was great. held onto the head tightly.

one other facet of restoration i wanted to mention is my preference to show the age on the cheeks but clean up the top and bottom surfaces.

a crack on the bottom and the top. 

these two photos show the direction of the clean up. 
using a hand file, the process is quite fast.

the crack racinating from the eye is unfortunate. 
it will not hinder my restoring this gem, but any crack like this is a sign of limiting the utilitarian capacity.

i wasn't planning on sharing this family tool anyway.
added to the axe.

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