Friday, November 23, 2012

Smith's double bit and hatchet finished

Going to hand off the smith axe & hatchet to family that will in return get it to the smiths.

knowing that the exchange is coming up i put on the flash this week.

to put into some reference, here is the found buried the farm hatchet naked.

masked, primed, white enamels, orange enamels and spar urethane clear coated. 
the other two hatchets and axe will be ones i sell. 
according to my wife i have too many and need to get rid of some.
hope to get them on etsy by next week.

both the hatchet and double bit will preform well.
the fact that a person can find a tool that has been buried of just found in a seemingly ruined state then revived sort of invigorating. 

i have gone through many flash schemes, but for the time being i am very satisfied with this new variation. 

it is a simpler version of the gun sights and barrel theme. 

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