Saturday, November 17, 2012

Length of shower

Feed a cold.
between work, the children getting sick and the excitement of last week a cold is starting to set in.

my appetite is increases (as it does when i have a cold) and the aches are setting in.
we eat well here, but i do increase antioxidants, e, c, bio-flavinoids.

but about the emergen c (effervescent vitamin/electrolyte drink) and other tricks another day.
this is about oatmeal stout.

as important as any other medicine.

this is a great lower alcohol nutrition drink that i medicinally enjoy in the shower as the steam opens up the sinuses.

pours and tastes as a good oatmeal stout.
not too sweet, creamy low carbonation flavor.
when sick or getting the bigger flavor can help make up for the lack of taste buds.

according to brekenridge:

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