Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Toolbox from remnants

An accumulation of smaller wood pieces from past projects motivated me to try some new wood toolboxes.

i have a number of toolboxes that were from the grandparents made from scraps. often with multiple compartments to put odd hardware in.

thought that i would keep that odds and ends theme.
although i see it as best for different project tools or utencils.

23"l x8"w x 5" h (wall height) & 10"h (base to the handle)

i have four compartments with one of them being covered by another container.
the base and the two end walls are solid scraps for strength.
the sides are thin slats that i glued into a single unit.
this is made of cedar, pine & an oak dowel (not scrap). 
very light.
toolbox from wood remnants.
the handle can be pivoted to get out of the way if want easier access to the contents.
the round container is a cheese box (from the grocery store) that of course i had to draw on. 
toolbox from wood remnants.

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