Thursday, November 29, 2012

Polishing boots

As durable as leather is conditioning is required.
the best boots are the leather uppers that fit PERFECTLY around the feet.
also seeing a well worn boot shine from a good polishing tells one of the individual.
show pride and take care of you possessions.
not to mention that this fits in the catagory of individuals whom maintain the everyday have an air of self reliance and dependability to them.

my general boot care starts with having two main sets of work boots. 
boots only get undesirable if one does not do the following:
1. wash their feet
2.  change out their boot liners
3.  change their socks
4.  rotate your footwear

it is more expensive in the short run, but keeping feet healthy is a major priority.
(keeps one more socially acceptable too).


to be efficient i polish both set of boots at the same time.
i keep it simple, which would probably give some dismay to a proper shoe man.
make sure boots are clean (fairly clean)
apply a higher quality cream or paste
let sit for a few minutes
buff with a boar's brush.
buff like you have never buffed before.
work boots sitting on my shoe shine box
 nice and shiny. 
looking sharp in my unrefined sort of way. 

my shoe shine box has all the parts i need to keep my footwear going.
according to the bottom written in pencil:
it was was originally mailed and delivered to the soldier relief commission in 1924, 
boone county nebraska.

it is made from an 1800's oak baseboard mitred and lidded.
i lined the inside with a copper floor basin so creams or protectants do not ruin the bottom paper board.
soldier relief commission, 1924

shoe polish is one of those great smells. ranks right up there with the smells of the barbershop.

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