Thursday, November 8, 2012

Forre's double bit creating a new edge

Polished up and now ready to establish a new edge. 

sharpening the axe will not happen in this step, however when finished it will be very sharp.
here we want to establish an angle and get rid of the pitting on the bit.

i have stated before that i really prefer seeing some of the history of the axe head so i enjoy the scars; excet on the cutting edge. this part needs to be smooth and minimal surface area .

the edge before has a lot of history showing.
before new edge
 with a craftsman hand file and on the jig i go at creating a uniform edge.
starting the new edge and decreasing the degrees

on the jig, looking good.
that would be the news you are hear in the background. 
axe head on the sharpening jig
 just to finish off this stage i will give a quick buff on the edge. 
the buffer is always set up. the more stations that are ready to go at any time the more productive my short stints of availability are.
buffed and will do the final sharpening after it is hung
 next step will be to hang the head and then sharpen, then flash.
it will not be happening this weekend though.

and as all fools do, i was in a hurry and not wearing gloves and then a small nick.
i deserved that and was pleased on how sharp the axe was at this point. there was not too much pressure applied when it happened.
no glove = expect a cut

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