Sunday, November 4, 2012

Forre's axe part 2

It has been about a 24 hour vinegar bath and i had to check the results.

before i pull out from the rusty vinegar i review in my mind what i was expecting. 
i also always have in the back of my head that even if the tool is not completely utilitarian it will still act as a vehicle to exploring the different facets of tool restoration.

double bit sagger = perfect temper and sound structure
unmarked single bit = temper is still being revealed but the metal has become compromised from the rust and the nature of the thin eye wall.

still, after the evaluation there was not an ounce of disappointment, but a pound of determinations to focus on the single bits other restorations facets. 
i am especially curious to test the metal for sharpening and may experiment with the bit's finishing treatment.

the double bit sagger confirmed my prediction. 
this will become a fine tool once again. 
everything about this double bit is great. i cant wait to give it a go.

the single bit had some severe rusting on the thin walls that of the eye and then after the bath reveal there were chunks of the wall missing. 
2/3rds up the bit you can start to see the temper line.
because of this i will continue on with this restoration. 

this tool may not be able to see any more utilitarian work but could still be a strong visual reminder (for the original owner or his children) of the hard work and life that he has put into his land. 
there is great honor and pride in that.

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